More Chamber Music



Out of Ashes, is the winner of the Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra’s 2016 Composition Competition and Belmont University’s 2017 Classical Performers Composition Competition.  Below is a live recording of the Philharmonic’s premiere on May 3rd, 2016, under the baton of Christopher Norton.

Out of Ashes - for Orchestra

Commissioned for the Atlanta-based new music ensemble, Bent Frequency, Precarious received its premiere at the 2016 Charlotte New Music Festival.

Precarious - for Alto Sax, Vibes, & Cello

Composed in 2014, Agitato is a dance on the knife’s edge between catharsis and control.  The piece received Honorable Mention in Tribeca New Music Festival’s national Young Composers’ Competition 2017.  It has been performed at Charlotte New Music Festival, Music by Women Festival, Nashville Chamber Music Series, and Belmont University. 

Agitato - for Solo Piano

Fuse is a piano trio inspired by an abstract painting that features sharp angles and stark contrasts.  These aspects are reflected in the composition through the frequent meter changes and uneven syncopations.  Fuse was one of six works chosen to be featured in the Nashville Composer Collective’s November 2016 concert.

Fuse - for Flute, Cello, & Piano

Airborne - Solo Piano Album

Released in 2013 following my senior year of high school, Airborne is my debut solo piano album, featuring both my audio engineering, and five of my piano compositions.  The project was a nine-month labor of love, in which I composed thirty-five minutes of music and then recorded, edited, and mastered the whole album myself at my home studio.  Airborne is available on iTunes here, and you can read about the journey from start to completion of the project on my blog.

*Film scoring clips available upon request. Please contact me.*