Studio Diaries – “My Heart Beats,” Part 1: Long Hours and Little Sleep

I know I said I was going to make posts about everything that happened this summer, but right now, I’m in the middle of something big–I’m producing my first album.  I’m producer, engineer, executive producer, and keyboardist on Singer/Songwriter Lily Garay‘s debut bilingual pop EP “My Heart Beats.”   For the next few weeks, I’m going to be keeping a “Studio Diary” so you can have an insider’s look at the whole thing.  I will also have some mixing and production tips interspersed here, too, to make it even more interesting. Continue reading “Studio Diaries – “My Heart Beats,” Part 1: Long Hours and Little Sleep”

My Recent Mixing Breakthroughs

Wow, this month, I’d say that my mixing skills have improved more than they did for the past two years.  So what happened this month, and what are some good ways to improve your own mixing skills?

For one thing, I’ve been putting in even more time mixing and listening to great mixes by people who are far more experienced.  I think the best thing you can do to get better at mixing is to listen to great mixes.  An even better way to learn would obviously be to go work in someone’s studio, but if you can’t do that, listen to the demo songs that come with Logic or whatever software you use.

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