Finishing a Project: The “Now What?” Question

After several months of work, I have finally finished a song I wrote called “I Am Free.”  It’s by far the best pop or rock song I’ve ever written, and it’s definitely the best mix I’ve ever made, too.  (I’m still waiting for a few things before I can upload it, but in my next post, I’ll probably have it uploaded and I can talk about it more.)  Emotionally, “I Am Free” took a lot out of me to write.  I’ve put so much into this one song, but now I’m done.  So I ask myself: “Now what?”

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“Your Love (How Deep, How Wide)” Available on iTunes!

For the first time, an original song of mine has been commercially released!  “Your Love (How Deep, How Wide)” is a Christian Dance-Pop song that I wrote the music for, produced, and mixed.  The lyrics were written by Mary B., and she sang it, too.  “Your Love” is currently available on iTunes, Amazonmp3, and soon it should be up on Spotify and several other stores, too.

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