People are always talking about getting discovered and waiting for a record label to find them.  Well, I got that call…  Maybe… 

Last night, my cell phone rang, displaying a call from a blocked number.  I figured I should pick it up just in case it was something important.

Me:  “Hello?”

Caller: “Yes, this is __ from ___ Records.  We are looking for Shelby Lock.”

I was totally caught off guard.  I’ve had “record companies” contact me before, and they turned out to be scams, but no one had ever called me on my phone like this.

The man at the other end went on to tell me about how he’d heard my tracks, and he even mentioned reading my blog.  He talked about maybe “doing some business.”  I really wanted it to be for real.

Just when we were starting to get a good conversation going, the call began to break up.  (That’s the bad part about living in the woods…)  I tried to move to another room where there was better service, but then the call ended.

Could a bad cell phone connection really be standing in the way of this opportunity?

I’ve contacted the record company by email and on SoundCloud, explaining the situation.  I guess all I can do now is just wait and see if they email or call me back.  I don’t want them to think I wasn’t interested because the call got dropped.  If it was really a call from the label they said they were from, then it was a really big deal, and I am honored to have them interested in my work.  Time will tell if it really was them, I hope…

I don’t know what to think.  I might not ever know if it was for real.  Either way, though, I’m going to keep producing and practicing so that this won’t be the last call I get from a record label.  If one label liked my music, then surely another one will, too.  And, hey, even if it was a prank call, then I’ve still put my name out there in front of the label by emailing them.  Can’t hurt.

I know some of my readers have more experience in the music industry than I do, so I’m going to ask you all if you have any insights about this.  Does this sound like a typical thing for a label to do?  Do you think it was real, and if so, do you have any advice for moving forward?  Have you ever had anything like this happen to you?