My Book

Coming to the Apple iBookstore Summer 2013!

The Art of the Keyboard: What You Really Need to Know to Play in a Band is more than just another book on how to play piano.  The Art of the Keyboard  goes beyond the basics and the obvious, and shows you how you can apply the basic, common knowledge, and use it in a way that works in a band.  At the same time, The Art of the Keyboard is still accessable and understandable to people with no experience with piano or keyboard at all, and is perfect for people who play by themselves.

Some highlights of The Art of the Keyboard:

  • As an iBook, it will be available in the new multi-touch format, which allows the book to have interactive material right at your fingertips: instructional videos, audio examples, quiz-yourself sections, and more.
  • Covers topics such as chords, reading lead sheets, playing with dynamics, stage presence, sound synthesis, and more.
  • Learn the differences between playing piano and playing keyboard, and how you can play both.
  • No knowledge of sheet music required for this book!

What do you think?