I know, I know—I haven’t posted in two months.  So maybe you’ve been wondering where I’ve been.  Or maybe you didn’t notice.  The truth is, I’ve been a lot of places, so I’ll tell you about some of them…


For the most part, I’ve been… At school, in the practice rooms.
Three hours a-day, seven days a week (in theory, anyway). Music school is extremely demanding and exhausting, but in all of that time at the piano, I’ve come up with some amazing pieces that I’m looking forward to sharing on the next album.  I’m going to dare to say that my second album will be better than the first.  (I’ll tell you more about this album in next week’s post.)This is where I choose to be on a Friday night.

I’ve been… In the studio. 
This semester, I got to have a class in Ocean Way Nashville on Music Row.  Sometimes I think I have the coolest life ever.

Just doing my homework...

I’ve been… In competition. 
I just entered my first composition competitions.  I have no idea how to expect them to turn out.  I obviously think my piece is good—otherwise, I wouldn’t have written it the way I did.  But I’m up against PhD’s and prodigies, and there’s so much talent out there.  We’ll see…

Debuting "Oneiros"
Debuting “Oneiros”

I’ve been…  Onstage. 
I’ve been playing around the area more and more.  I finally got the chance to debut my solo piano piece “Oneiros” in a concert hall, and it was one of my favorite performances.  The audience was right there with me.

IMG_3626I’ve been… In training.
I’ll be running in Nashville’s St. Jude’s Country Music Half-Marathon in April!  As much as I love music, I need another outlet to help me not get burned out creatively.  Running makes me feel so good that I easily make up the four hours each week that I spend doing it with how much more productive I am as a composer.

So there you have it: I’ve been… Busy.  But I’m (mostly) busy doing what I love.  Next week, I’ll tell you about my upcoming album and reveal the name/concept.  I can’t wait!