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Shelby Lock

Piano Artist, Composer, Audio Engineer

Shelby Lock is a pianist, composer, and audio engineer on a mission to break boundaries and inspire others. As a piano artist, she is known for her expressive playing and genre-bending style. Shelby trained classically for thirteen years while simultaneously playing by ear and lead sheet in various local bands.

As a lifelong nature lover, her original compositions evoke her mountain surroundings through hints of folk styles blended with cinematic melodies that transport the listener to another time and place.

In 2016, Lock made her orchestral debut as a composer with the Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra’s premiere of her piece, “Out of Ashes.” It went on to receive subsequent performances and be Finalist for the 2017 American Prize in Composition (student division). 

Shelby’s goal as an artist is to use her music to bring healing and positivity to her listeners.

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