Solo Piano Music

New: "A Matter of Time"

May 16th, 2022

“A Matter of Time” is a story of finding hope while waiting for something you’re not sure will ever happen. Drawing on influences of Debussy, Chopin, and George Winston, this chill solo piano piece features singable melodies with a backdrop of lush harmonies and compelling rhythms. 

Older Releases

From Upcoming Album Hematite (2023)

In 2023 I plan to release my second solo piano album, Hematite. It will feature ten of my original compositions that I also perform, record, and engineer myself. Here are the first singles that are on it:

Airborne (2013)

I completed my first solo piano album, Airborne, in 2013, after my senior year of high school.  I not only composed and performed every piece on the album, but I did all of the recording and engineering myself, too.  It was a solo album in every sense!